The big fish need your thoughts

The studies you participate in are commissioned by the world's leading brands.

What is the Opinion Champ+ Business Panel?

The biggest technology and management firms employ researchers to discover and inform their reporting. OC+ is an online community of industry professionals and decision makers that contribute their thoughts on industry specific matters, in return for appropriate cash rewards. Membership is based on credentials, knowledge, and experience. Each survey is designed with the elite respondent in mind. The requirements for panelist participation and the incentives received are clearly outlined at the onset of the survey – and panelists decide what surveys they will participate in.

What is the process?

Begin your registration by identifying your basic demographics and your interests. Your completed profile ensures industry specific surveys are sent to you so you don’t waste your time on irrelevant matters. Surveys are sent straight to your inbox and can be found on our intelligent platform. Track your history and your points with our interactive dashboard and convert your points to cash via PayPal or a Gift Card of your choice.

How is OC+ different from other business or consumer panels?

Membership in this panel is based exclusively on industry-specific knowledge. Panelists are rewarded with greater-than-average incentives that are appropriate for the greater-than-average knowledge shared. As such, the panel boasts only vetted, qualified and interested respondents whose engagement is critical to informing change.

We work with the leading technology and management firms in the USA so our panelists are confident their voices effect change. OC+ surveys deal with only the most relevant and interesting issues relating to business, finance and technology.

Our members are influential thought leaders. The data stored and shared is kept anonymous and only serves as a guide for key decisions and policy. Under no circumstances is personal information shared and panelists can be confident that their opinions are used for research purposes only.

In addition to interesting survey topics, high incentives/rewards and a robust and easy to use platform, our members are privy to exclusive market intelligence. Members are able to access reports, summaries, and insights from identified survey data.

Panelist Selection and Opportunity

To ensure accurate reporting of a representative sample in all businesses, panel members are chosen at random to complete online studies. Opportunities involve a mix of topics that are industry relevant, involve research into current trends and/or best practises. Panel members can easily view survey details prior to agreeing to participate.

Privacy and Confidentiality Protection

Opinion Champ+ does not, in any way, compromise the integrity of panelist privacy and confidentiality. The platform exclusively provides surveys to registered members and adheres strictly to the leading industry regulations.